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New leaks on Tuesday revealed two new weapon skin collections coming to Valorant: the Go Volume 1 Collection and the Celestial Collection.

@HitscanYT and @BlackEspanolito leaked the new skins in YouTube videos. The Go Volume 1 Collection features weapon skins with anime style artwork of Valorant agents and the Celestial Collection features skins themed around the Year of the Ox.

The Go Volume 1 Collection

These weapon skins are unique in the sense that they feature five of Valorant’s own agents as the art on the skins in addition to special Gun Buddies and Sprays. Here are the different weapon skins:

  • Reyna-themed Phantom
  • Killjoy-themed Spectre
  • Cypher-themed Guardian
  • Sage-themed Ghost
  • Jett-themed Melee

The Go Volume 1 sprays and gun buddies will all feature these five agents. The Gun Buddies look like Funko Pop models of the agents and the sprays are similar to the anime artwork on the guns. There is currently no information on the price of the Go Volume 1 Collection or any individual items within it.

The Celestial Collection

The Celestial Collection weapon skins have a glossy black and gold look to them in line with some of the other Lunar New Year cosmetics Riot Games has released across their titles. The skins celebrate the Year of the Ox and, as such, have Ox-themed artwork. The Gun Buddy that comes with the collection is a glowing chibi ox. Here are the guns that are getting Celestial skins:

  • Frenzy
  • Ares
  • Judge
  • Phantom
  • Melee

The Celestial Melee also comes with a special and unique animation. The melee weapon is a fan that looks like an Ox, and when the player attacks with it, the fan opens up. The inside of the fan has Chinese characters and more Lunar New Year-themed artwork.

The Celestial Collection will cost 7,100 Valorant Points in total, and each individual Gun Skin will cost 1,775. The Melee skin will cost 3,550.

Both of these Collections arrive with Patch 2.03, which releases tomorrow. Each Collection will rotate into the shop separately once the Glitchpop Collection rotates out.