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This is the second installment of the George Geddes’ Mail Room, a bi-weekly article series that will answer questions from Twitter regarding VALORANT news. 

North American and European teams are gearing up for the VALORANT Championship Tour Stage 3, which will begin in under a week. 

Plenty of last minute roster changes took place but North American teams typically change their rosters much more frequently than European rosters. 

In North America, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Sentinels are one of the only teams that didn’t make any changes over the past month or two. 

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VALORANT Franchising 

I have not been told of upcoming franchising, though I do know that it was discussed during the original meetings for VALORANT competitive. 

Out of those that I have spoken with, several owners are not aware of the future plans.

VALORANT is in such an early stage; the game has only been around for about a year. I don’t believe Riot would make any decision on franchising until late 2021, possibly. 

T1 and Brax

As Upcomer previously reported, in-game leader Sam “DaZeD” Marine, who joined the T1 VALORANT team in October of 2020, is set to be removed from the starting lineup. 

This gap could be filled by former T1 player Braxton “brax” Pierce, but I was told this information about a week and a half ago. So, I wouldn’t get your hopes up but I haven’t been told of any other replacement. 

Brax is a star player and has one of the biggest individual brands in VALORANT. He barely got his shot with TSM. If he doesn’t join a team before VCT Stage 3, he’ll likely stream. 


Version1 was not going to compete in the first qualifier, according to one source, because of the suspension to Jordan “Zellsis” Montemurro. 

But, since this decision was eventually overturned, it’s likely that Version1 will compete with a free agent for VCT Stage 3. 

Version1 have recently been practicing with their full squad, including Zellsis. 

Since former Version1 stand-in Jamal “jammyz” Bangash is available, I’d like to see him back on the roster, even if it’s only temporarily. 

Organizations entering VALORANT 

The one organization that I’ve been told about was MAD Lions

Prior to Stage 2 Masters, the organization felt that VALORANT would be a poor investment, as I previously reported on May 10. 

MAD Lions are in talks with signing a former SUPRMODE roster in Europe, according to one source. SUPRMODE released their latest roster on June 21. Its unclear which former roster MAD Lions would sign. 


Gambit are un-ironically one of the scariest teams in the EMEA region. 

They recently split maps with Team Liquid in practice, according to one source. 

Watch out for these guys, they’re talented. 

Natus Vincere 

On June 18, CIS organization Natus Vincere entered VALORANT. This was done with the signing of Kirill “Cloud” Nehozhin, as first reported by Upcomer. 

The organization is yet to sign four new members. According to one source, Denis “dinkzj” Tkachev, Mikhail “Duno” Fokin, Vladyslav “arch” Svistov and Oleg “watasink” Salomin have trialled.

Na’Vi’s contracts are relatively short-term, which would allow the organization to change the roster, according to one source. 

Process of reporting 


Although this question isn’t directly related to VALORANT, it’s important to note. 

As a journalist it’s important to be correct, swift and ethical. The process of gathering information and fact checking is one of the most important jobs of reporting. 

To build a reputable source network takes time and dedication, which a lot of journalists aren’t willing to try.