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A new episode of VALORANT is on the way, with Episode 3: REFLECTION. REFLECTION brings a new agent and other content, just like previous VALORANT episodes. Each episode name corresponds to the launch cinematics and the overall theme of the episode. The first episode featured the release of Reyna, while the second gave players Yoru. Now, with the third episode of VALORANT, players will go hands on with KAY/O. Each new agent features prominently in the art for the new episode too.

IGNITION was the start of the VALORANT story, igniting the world with a radianite bomb in the VALORANT universe. The cinematic paired with this particular episode was the first one released by Riot Games, titled DUELISTS. The first episode also inspired the first esports tournament series held by Riot, the Ignition series.

VALORANT’s second episode, FORMATION, also released with a cinematic. The short story, titled RETAKE, follows new VALORANT project member Yoru working alongside Phoenix to defuse a spike in the then-new map, Icebox. Icebox and Yoru were featured prominently in the episode’s artwork.

VALORANT Episode 3: REFLECTION cinematic and possible themes

Like Episode 1, REFLECTION’s cinematic released ahead of the episode itself. The most recent VALORANT story, DUALITY, deals with themes of synchronicity and paradoxes. Much like the episode’s art themes, which showcase the new agent crossing from a red border to a blue one, the cinematic shows two Phoenix’s. One Phoenix is working with the VALORANT project, and the other in supposed opposition. This possibly shows the agent’s “reflection,” as the episode name suggests.

The new episode’s art also features the aircraft shown in the cinematic, with Brimstone and Omen in the foreground. This may hint at an expansion for those agent’s lore for this episode, which the developer hinted at in its recent VALORANT lore Reddit AMA.

VALORANT Episode 3: REFLECTION hits live servers June 22 and brings a new agent, battle pass and skins, marking the end of the game’s first year since launch.