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There were several notable Valorant leaks over the weekend. While the biggest leak was the new Agent, Yoru, and his abilities, we also got a look at the upcoming Episode 2 Act 1 Battle Pass. Here’s what we know about the Valorant Battle Pass, including when it will come out and what you can get from it.

Episode 2 Act 1 Battle Pass

Every Act in Valorant comes complete with a new Battle Pass that you can purchase to unlock exclusive rewards. The pass costs $10.00 worth of Valorant Points, and you don’t have to purchase it immediately to get the rewards. You will still gain progress towards it even if you don’t own it.

The upcoming Battle Pass will be the first of the second episode. It includes a plethora of new skins, sprays, gun buddies, Radianite Points, and icons. Once again, much of the content has a futuristic feel to it. One new set of gun skins has a dark green shade with curvy features. Another looks like it has poison canisters on the weapons.

Many of the sprays and icons also have spacelike or futuristic themes. If you’re into this sort of aesthetic, this Battle Pass should definitely be up your alley. You can see all the contents of the pass in the video above.

When will it be available?

The current Valorant episode and act end on January 12, meaning the new episode and act should begin immediately after. While we may have to wait a bit for Yoru, the Episode 2 Act 1 Battle Pass should be available immediately when Episode 2 begins.

This means you only have to wait for a little over a week to get your hands on the new content. Make sure to stay tuned for more updates and leaks, as the new episode will surely bring all sorts of big changes and new content to the game.