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Despite Valorant currently being in the closed beta phase, one of Riot Games’ developers has explained on stream that one of the agents, Omen, may be getting a rework soon. This includes the agent’s appearance alongside how his abilities work. After the recent Raze and Sage changes, Omen may be next in line to receive changes.

Abilities revamped

Riot dev “RiotMorello,” who says he is an Omen main, affirms that Omen ability changes are on the way. He has expressed his unhappiness with the ability Paranoia, which is used to briefly reduce the vision of enemies that it hits. He argues that the ability could be improved by enhancing how the targeting of Paranoia works, calling it right now “unreliable.”

When it comes to Omen’s ultimate ability, “From the Shadows,” Morello said that the sounds when activating it and teleporting have “weird rules.” While vague, this hints at the ultimate ability having revamped signs and perhaps revamping how close, or far, the other players can hear his ability being used.

Appearance change

Apart from the abilities, Morello also confirmed physical changes for Omen. On stream he said that, “You’re going to see that three Wolverine scratches, that’s his face, that’s what he’s going to look like.” He then casually added that “it’s gonna look dope.” From a recent official video on Omen, named “Omen Gameplay Reveal,” we can see that the art used presents a different-looking agent, which illustrates what Morello means. You can view the video below, alongside an impressive Omen clutch showcasing how to use his abilities effectively.

What do you think of a potential Omen rework in Valorant? Is it necessary? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Remember to follow us at Daily Esports for all your latest news on Valorant and other major esports out there.

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