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There has long been speculation about whether Valorant would arrive on other platforms than PC, including mobile. While Riot has confirmed in the past that they are looking into options, dataminers have found strings of code that could further prove that Valorant mobile is indeed in the works.

Here is the leak along with what we know about a possible mobile title so far.

Valorant mobile leaks

Upon datamining the Episode 2 patch that came out today, miners found an interesting little bit of code. The code includes words like “mobile” and “range,” likely indicating the shooting range on a mobile app. Here’s the full string of code:

“Name”: “The Range v2”,
“ID”: “605D6DB0-4699-D84c-5328-E7AB5B2BCE43”,
“AssetName”: “Range_Mobile”,
“AssetPath”: “/Game/Maps/Mobile_NPE/Range_Mobile”,
“IsEnabled”: true

For those unfamiliar with code, this basically means that there is a Valorant mobile range in the map files. Meaning, if a mobile app does come about, it will include the shooting range. More importantly, it confirms that there is code for mobile.


Will the game ever come to other platforms?

Other popular shooters like Overwatch, Apex Legends, Fortnite, and Call of Duty are on platforms other than just PC. Riot will definitely want to explore those avenues because it will reach more fans. They are already exploring the mobile market with League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, and Legends of Runeterra.

It seems inevitable that Riot will want to tap into the mobile and console market at some point with Valorant. They are at least considering the idea, given that they are including mobile in the code. It would also be cool to see the game on consoles like the Nintendo Switch as well.

Do you think you would enjoy playing Valorant for mobile or console? Is it worth Riot’s time and money to try to explore these options?