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Even though the Valorant closed beta begins in two days, we’re already receiving new info about the game. Most of the information is deriving from dataminers digging into the game’s PC files, which is a common practice in the community. Yesterday, we were able to see some of the weapon skin bundles that will arrive at the start of Valorant. However, today we’re receiving even more leaks and one of them is centered around the Valorant Battle Pass.

What the Valorant Battle Pass could look like

As with any leak, none of the information can be confirmed. The leaks do originate from the game files, so we at least know some of what Riot Games is working on. But the developers can always change their minds, which is why no leak can be trusted as fact.

All the same, reputable dataminer @FireMonkey__ seems to have found details regarding the game’s Battle Pass. Riot Games previously confirmed that Valorant would feature a Fortnite-like stream of content. This is supposedly paired with a lootbox-less system, but that remains to be seen.

Below, you can see the dataminer explain how the Battle Pass will work according to the game files.


So, if we’re to believe this leak, then the Valorant Battle Pass will reward players who play the game consistently. This is done by earning Radianite Points, which sound similar to V-Bucks. However, these points can be used to evolve certain skins and other in-game items.

Radianite Points can be unlocked through grinding the Valorant Battle Pass or purchased directly like V-Bucks. FireMonkey didn’t go into detail on if the Battle Pass would contain other rewards besides Radianite Points, though it can be assumed other assorted items will be available to earn.

It’s likely we won’t see this feature in the closed beta, but hopefully, Riot Games can shed more light as we get closer to launch. Make sure to keep up with Daily Esports for all Valorant news.

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