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Valorant has announced a ranked trial weekend starting Friday, May 15 for Brazil, South Korea, and Latin America (LATAM). Riot Games’ FPS title recently expanded its servers to reach more of its audience across the world. Valorant can now be played in the United States, Canada, Europe, Turkey, Russia, Brazil, Korea, and Latin America.

The closed beta for Valorant has been out for over a month and is still going strong. Riot has been transparent about the steps it is taking to improve the players’ experience while playing. A few weeks ago Valorant released a rated mode for competitive play to both Europe and North America.

With the success of ranked in these regions, Valorant is now expanding ranked to these new regions. Unfortunately, this is not a full opening of the competitive game mode. The competitive tab will only be available for the weekend and will end on May 19 at the same time it started.

Valorant’s ranked mode

In order to qualify for ranked play, you will have to play at least 20 “unrated” games. If you’re unsure how many games you’ve played, you can click on the competitive tab when it’s live. Here is where the game should inform you how many games you have to play to qualify for the game mode. Once you’ve played a total of 20 games, you’ll be allowed to jump into ranked.

Image via @PlayValorant

Valorant requires you to play five placement matches before you’ll be given your rank. These ranks range from Iron (lowest) to Valorant (highest). In-between ranks, there are three different tiers from one to three. The higher your number, the closer you will be to ranking up to the next level. After a game finishes, you’ll see arrows that indicate how much you’ve ranked up. The red downward arrows mean you’ve decreased in rank while green upward arrows mean your rank has increased. There are upward of three arrows to show how much you’ve lost or gained. One arrow means you haven’t changed much, while three arrows mean you’ve changed a lot.

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