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Riot Games has announced that Valorant will be receiving a new game mode during Ignition: Act II. This follows the trend from last season which saw the release of Spike Rush. The game mode will feature a free-for-all style Deathmatch that will allow players to warm up before games. Valorant fans have been requesting a Deathmatch type game mode since Beta.

There have been countless Reddit pages made suggesting the mode to the developers. One Reddit post even suggested naming the mode “Backyard Scrimmage.” This is a reference to one of Brimstone’s famous quotes: “What do they think this is, a backyard scrimmage?” Here’s what we know so far about the newest game mode.

Valorant FFA Deathmatch

Valorant’s Deathmatch will feature 10-player matches with no abilities and infinite credits. You could think of this game mode as an extension of the practice range feature. Except instead of fighting increasingly difficult bots, you can train yourself to play against the real deal. In order to win Deathmatch, you’ll have to be the first player to reach 30 kills or have the most kills in the six-minute time limit.

Unlike Spike Rush, all players will have access to the buy menu when they first spawn in and the freedom to get whatever loadout they chose. Each player has an infinite amount of credits which allows them to get as creative as they want. Whether you want to practice Sheriff 1-taps, Operator flicks, or Panthom sprays, Deathmatch is your playground.

Valorant DM

Valorant has already thought of players attempting to get kills by spawn-trapping their opponents. Players will spawn in locations where their backs are against a wall and won’t have enemies within their line of sight. This prevents one player from camping spawns to farm unsuspecting players while they spawn in. When you die, there will be a three-second delay before you respawn and you will be granted an additional eight seconds of invulnerability. However, your invulnerability will dissipate if you move or fire your weapon before the eight seconds are up.

UAVs, health, and more

During Deathmatch, your mini-map will be your best friend. There will be a radar that sweeps every five seconds and reveals the location of all players at that time. This means that it is next to impossible for players to camp in corners and wait for people to walk by.

You spawn in with full health and heavy armor each time you die. If you eliminate an enemy they will drop a Health Pack which will expire after 10 seconds. This prevents players from camping health packs and hoarding them throughout the match. Players will also be able to earn Valorant kill banners that are designed to provide recognition for going on a killing spree. Each banner is time-based, meaning there is a limited amount of time to secure another kill for your streak.

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