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Riot Games has finally addressed the rifle movement that has plagued completive Valorant in patch 2.02.

Players should no longer be able to get run-and-gun headshots as easily, forcing them to rely on steady, accurate aim to kill their opponents. This fixes an issue that arose in the middle of January, at the start of Episode 2.

  • Running Error across rifles increased 3.75 to 5.0
  • Walking error across rifles increased .8 to 1.1
  • Crouch-moving error across rifles increased .3 to .8

According to the patch notes, these changes should make rifle kills while moving rare at long ranges but still possible up close. The changes will also be monitored closely and fine tuned where needed.

Valorant competitive updates

Smurfs and boosted accounts have hampered Valorant’s competitive queue as of late, and the developers even addressed this cheating in their recently released “Winter Update.” However, additional changes were needed to help Valorant players end up in the appropriate rank.

  • Increased Rank Rating convergence
  • Players who perform exceptionally well in matches will gain bonus RR (Iron through Diamond)
  • Changed Diamond 3 to premade size capped at 2 players

Rank Rating convergence has been altered so players will now coverage to their matchmaking rating (MMR) faster. This will help players achieve a rank that reflects their individual skill in fewer matches. To help in that effort Valorant will also award bonus RR to players who perform above their average during a competitive match.

There were also a handful of bug fixes and smaller changes, which you can check out on Riot Games’ website. For more Valorant coverage, stay tuned to Daily Esports.