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This is the sixth installment of the George Geddes’ Mail Room, a bi-weekly article series that will answer questions from the community regarding VALORANT news. 

You can ask some questions for future editions on my Twitter or through my Discord which you can join here.

While fans eagerly anticipate the next VALORANT Championship Tour event in Berlin, there are some notable changes occurring in North America. 

However, most of the major changes will likely take place after Champions, prior to the start of the next season, which will likely begin in 2022, but this is speculation. 

TSM’s main roster 

The North American giants failed to qualify for VCT Berlin but can still qualify for Champions, the biggest event of the year, in the last chance qualifier. This will begin on begin Oct. 12; only possible, however, if a North American team wins Berlin. 

TSM will likely make at least one change to their roster, according to multiple sources close to the team. This is not confirmed, however. These changes will not come in effect until some time as the team is currently on break. 


North American organization Andbox has not signed any new players to its roster, as far as I am aware. 

The one player that Andbox does want to keep hold of is Aleksandar “ALEKSANDAR” Hinojosa. He is held in high regard by his teammates, according to one source. It’s likely that under this rebuild, ALEKSANDAR will be the first to sign. 

It’s not clear whether Eric “kanpeki” Xu will remain on the roster, since he recently played with EZ5. 


With their disappointing finish in VCT, ensuring they cannot qualify for the last chance qualifier, T1 have some time to make their roster decisions. 

Changes are on the table but nothing is set in stone. However, one of the players that has been linked with a move away from the team is Tyler “Ska” Latham. 

I have not been made aware of any decision regarding Ha “Spyder” Jung-woo. 

Players playing with another team

I’ve covered this in a previous Mail Room but, essentially, organizations are allowing players to play with other teams


Some players have been contacted regarding an opportunity to join NRG, according to multiple sources. 

But it seems the roster is staying put, for the time being. Similar to T1, since they failed to qualify for the last chance qualifier, they have plenty of time to make any decisions regarding their VALORANT roster. 


North American organization Version1 recently transferred in-game leader Anthony “vanity” Malaspina to Cloud9 Blue, as first reported by Upcomer. This leaves an open spot on the V1 roster. 

V1 hasn’t yet signed a replacement, but there have been some trials and the team has tried out some roleswaps. 

Former CS:GO player Jordan “Zellsis” Montemurro has become the in-game leader of the side. V1 has also tried out different compositions with Erik “penny” Penny moving to a flex role to bring in a duelist. This is unlikely to be a permanent switch, however. 

One of those trials was with 100 Thieves substitute Quan “dicey” Tran, according to multiple sources. He has not been considered by the organization outside of this trial, however, according to one source close to V1. 

What about seven? 

Although youngster “seven” has recently turned 16 years old, ensuring his eligibility in VCT events, he is yet to sign for a new team. 

He is on a temporary break because of his school restarting. Therefore, he did not compete with the rest of Teal Seam during the Nerd Street Gamers Summer Championships. 

Seven has been trialling with some teams, but it’s unlikely that he’ll join a team until next year, according to multiple sources.