Using the Merc Foregrip makes you run faster in Modern Warfare
Modern Warfare Merc Foregrip run faster Infinity Ward
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Using the Merc Foregrip makes you run faster in Modern Warfare

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One of the best items in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare just got even stronger. The attachment in question, the Merc Foregrip, apparently received an added benefit with Modern Warfare‘s latest update. However, this is not public knowledge, as the new feature isn’t mentioned in the attachment’s description. It seems that Infinity Ward either forgot to include this in the patch notes or didn’t mean to implement the benefit in the first place.

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Regardless, according to tests, the Merc Foregrip allows you to run faster in both Modern Warfare and even Warzone.

Merc Foregrip gets even better in Modern Warfare

Before this, the Merc Foregrip was already incredibly strong. The underbarrel attachment reduces vertical recoil better than any other attachment and even improves hipfire accuracy. Professional Call of Duty League players even decided to ban the attachment because of these features.

So, it’s clear how good the Merc Foregrip is. However, with this newly added feature, it becomes a necessity for every class. YouTuber WabaTuba was among the first to discover this hidden ability. Another YouTuber, Drift0r, saw WabaTuba’s video and decided to do some testing of his own.

Thanks to the tests Drift0r did, we now know that the Merc Foregrip does in fact increase movement speed by about 4%. This applies to both walking and sprinting in Modern Warfare and Warzone.

However, one aspect that goes along with this newly found feature is that other underbarrel grips actually decrease movement speed. The Commando, Ranger, and Operator foregrips all decrease movement speeds by at least -0.5%, which is pretty astounding. Infinity Ward seems to be making the Merc Foregrip stronger while making every other foregrip weaker.

It’s unclear whether or not this was intended by the developers. As previously stated, this information was not present in any of the recent patch notes. We’ll have to wait and see if Infinity Ward comments on this newfound feature.

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