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Earlier today, a report from Medium was released saying the sale of Infinite to Immortals was in the final stages. A promissory banknote worth $20 million was supposedly owed by Infinite Esports. This indicated Infinite accepted the offer from Immortals and the $20 million was the first stage of the final amount paid for the Texas-based company.

It was also reported that Infinite put up the OpTic Gaming NA LCS spot as collateral. Infinite Esports supposedly has until May 31 to pay the $20 million, which is going to be given to them by Immortals, or they will lose the LCS spot to the bank.

However, someone familiar with the situation, Adam Fitch, claims this entire story is false.

What’s true and what isn’t true

This entire saga gets more confusing with each passing day. In early May, it seemed like Infinite, and OpTic, was being sold to Immortals. Then, reports surfaced saying OpTic H3CZ planned to enter the bidding war for the team he started.

That is what we know for a certainty. Immortals are close to buying Infinite Esports, but H3CZ is attempting to stop this by putting together his own offer.

What we don’t know is if H3CZ or OpTic has any chance or if the deal is even close to being complete. In the report from Medium, it seems as though Immortals already paid $20 million, which is only a fraction of what the final amount will total.

Also included in that report is the notion that OpTic as a brand will cease to exist. If Immortals has in fact bought Infinite, they will own the rights to OpTic Gaming.

The claims against the Medium report

When the Medium story released, many were commenting on it across social media and Reddit. It makes some fairly large claims, and if true, means the end of one of the most popular esports brands.

However, there seems to be hope for the Greenwall. In a Discord channel, esports insider Adam Fitch commented on the Medium article.

WARNING: The language used below is NSFW.


While Fitch’s words aren’t any more reliable than the Medium report, the veracity of his tone is notable. He claims the report and the banknote situation are both false. Also, he says H3CZ’s bid for Infinite wasn’t “laughable” like Medium stated.

Any way you look at it, nothing can be taken as fact right now. We will see who was right between Medium and Fitch when May 31 rolls around. This is the date that Medium claimed the $20 million was owed by Infinite.

We will keep you updated with any further developments to this story on our news page.