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Pokelawls signed to TSM.

Pokelawls signed as streamer to TSM

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TSM has been on a content creator hiring spree as of late. With their latest one being popular chess player Hikaru Nakamura and variety streamer GreedGodX, it seems they’re trying to flesh out their content creators. However, this next signing has been a surprise to all, most of all streamer fans from all over the world. Popular variety streamer Georgie “Pokelawls” Karam has signed to TSM as a content creator and streamer.

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Who is Pokelawls?

This specific frog-related streamer has built a following of over 650,000 followers, and is a variety streamer through and through. Now, Pokelawls has been involved in the esports community before. He grew to fame as a Canadian Overwatch player, specifically playing Genji and even playing in the first Overwatch World Cup for Team Canada, along popular players like Toronto Defiant player Lane “Surefour”Roberts. This was shown in the video linked by TSM in the announcement, jokingly commenting on it as well as plenty of other games he’s played over the years. Alas, since then Poke has grown more to be a casual streamer who plays a variety of games. This growing fame came through games like VRChat andΒ Grand Theft Auto as well as just reacting to videos online. This led him to his current Twitch popularity, which led him to joining to TSM as a content creator.

What now for him?

It also seems doing this gets his VISA back so he can enter the United States again, much like popular streamer xQc did back in the day. But, with Poke being connected to a big esports company, there must be a lot of doors opening now. Through all this, however, it seems Pokelawls won’t change much when it comes to his streams. Same energy, same infectious laugh, same games, and same content to react to. He’s just adding some new connections and a wearing a new jersey when doing so.

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