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The Cycle is an unusual battle royale currently in closed beta. It is developed by Yager, whom you might remember from their previous offering, Dead Island. Described as a PvPvE battle royale quester, The Cycle puts players in the shoes of frontier explorers on the alien world of Fortuna III.

The game is currently in closed beta, with playtesting sessions every weekend. Those are only accessible to players with “tickets to Fortuna III,” otherwise known as beta invites. You can sign up for one on the game’s website. This weekend, in honor of Independence Day, Yager is opening the playtest server on July 4.

Battle royale quest shooter

On the surface The Cycle seems like a pretty standard battle royale, this time set on a lush alien planet filled with hostile fauna. It has the obligatory battle royale staples, like player dancing emotes and a giant rib cage looming over the landscape.

The Cycle battle royale

What makes this one different from Apex Legends or Realm Royale is that player-versus-player competition doesn’t seem to be enforced by the gameplay loop. Prospectors venture onto Fortuna III explicitly to gather resources and fulfill missions, and interaction among them is optional. They can even form temporary alliances, or enter a match as a team for fully cooperative gameplay.

This is not a new development in the genre. Other titles, like Hunt: Showdown and Fear the Wolves have already established the viability of the PvPvE format. But none of these titles have really been as successful as the traditional battle royales yet. Time will tell if The Cycle is the first one to make it big.

The Cycle will enter open beta in Q3 of 2019, before getting a full release through the Epic Games Store. Impatient players can purchase a Founder’s Pack in order to gain access to the closed beta sooner. It will be a PC exclusive on release, but Yager plans on bringing it to consoles later on. And it will be free-to-play, of course.

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