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Upcomer announced the launch of a Snapchat-exclusive show Friday, with Rage Quit debuting on the platform at 8 a.m. ET.

Every week, Upcomer combs the internet for the best rage clips, fails and facepalm moments from gaming and delivers them to the Snapchat audience through Rage Quit. Presented in a compact listicle style format, Rage Quit is Upcomer’s first Snapchat-exclusive video franchise. It leverages the same team of creators behind Upcomer’s flagship longform series such as The Rise and Fall, Twitch Takeover, Top 5, The Black Esports Forum and Showstopper to bring a premium feel to this roundup of gaming and streaming’s most clippable moments.

The program is produced in partnership with Snapchat.

“I’m actually pretty excited for us to be on Snapchat with this show,” Upcomer Director of Video Content Colin McNeil said. “The unique format of Snap means we get to create content in a completely different way than we do on a platform like YouTube or even Twitter or Instagram. Not to mention reach an audience who might not necessarily be watching 20-minute esports mini-documentaries or the other kind of longform stuff we do.”

The Snapchat expansion is also the latest step in Upcomer’s move onto several social media platforms this month. After finding success on Twitter leading up to and during the publication’s launch, Upcomer has expanded to Facebook and Instagram with movement to other platforms in the works.

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