Ubisoft has launched the Hyper Scape open beta on PCs
Hyper Scape PC open beta Ubisoft
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Ubisoft launches Hyper Scape open beta on PCs

Revealed at Ubisoft Forward, Hyper Scape is now in open beta for all PC players. Console players will need to wait another month or so.
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Ubisoft’s first “Ubisoft Forward” presentation has ended, but not before an announcement about Hyper Scape was revealed. After a successful technical test last week, the battle royale is now in open beta on PCs. Players can download the beta through the Uplay application for no cost at all. In regards to the console community, the beta should arrive sometime in August 2020, if leaks are to be believed. The PC beta introduces some additional game modes, a new Hack and weapon, and a backstory for the game. Let’s see what you can expect when you launch the Hyper Scape open beta.

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Hyper Scape open beta begins

Prior to the Ubisoft Forward presentation, a leak from an insider suggested that a beta would be announced. That turned out to be accurate, as players can download it right now. There’s currently no known end date for the beta, though. However, if the reports of the game coming to consoles are accurate, we could possibly see the beta last for months.

Along with the launch, Ubisoft introduced some changes to the game. Taking community feedback into account, the developers brought several pieces of new content to Hyper Scape. Take a look at what’s being added below.


  • HARPY (Submachine Gun)


  • Shockwave Hack (Area of Effect blast that launches you and any enemy in the air)

Game Modes

  • Crown Rush Squad
  • Crown Rush Solo
  • Hack Runner Squad
  • Turbo Mode Squad

Twitch Integration

  • Streamers can invite viewers to their squad
  • Progress the Battle Pass by watching Hyper Scape streamers
  • New event: Haste

Item Shop

  • New currency: BITCROWNS
  • Cosmetic-only purchases

All of this new content is now available in the Hyper Scape open beta on PCs. As previously stated, all you need to do to download the beta is open the Uplay application, find the game, and hit hit the button. After all of that, you’re free to have fun in the Hyper Scape!

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