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Call of Duty: Warzone enters its final days before the Pacific update arrives. The update will introduce Vanguard integration as well as the Caldera map. However, before that happens, Raven Software has made a change to one of the game’s most controversial aspects. The change involves buffing the UAV killstreak in Warzone as well as nerfing Ghost perk users in the process.

Ghost has long been one of the most overpowered aspects in Warzone. It keeps players off the mini-map when a UAV is in the air, allowing them to camp in buildings without much consequence. Players thought Ghost users could be countered by earning a “Super UAV,” which is achieved when three UAVs are active. This proved to be incorrect, though, as Ghost players were still kept off the mini-map. Luckily for all non-Ghost players, the developer changed that earlier this week.

UAVs buffed and Ghost nerfed in Warzone

The change to UAVs and Ghost was silently introduced by the developer. YouTuber JGOD was able to discover the change, though, and promptly let the community know about it in a recent video.

The change boils down to the Super UAV in Warzone now showing Ghost players on the map. The Super UAV usually allows players to see enemies on the mini-map but with a directional arrow instead of the standard red dot. Before, Ghost players wouldn’t show up no matter what kind of UAV was in the air.

With the most recent change in Warzone, though, this is no longer the case. With the Super UAV active, Ghost players are shown on the mini-map as red dots. While they’re still not shown as directional arrows, this is a huge nerf to players who like to sit in buildings with Ghost equipped.

This Ghost perk alteration could be the last big change Raven Software makes to Warzone before Vanguard integration and the arrival of Caldera on December 8.

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