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The newest Twitch Rivals tournament in Call of Duty: Warzone saw an infiltration by hackers that ruined the event. This is part of an ongoing issue in the popular battle royale that has now been brought to the forefront of the competitive scene.

Cheating is to Warzone as bread is to butter. The problem has persisted since the game’s release in March and very little has been done to combat it. There’s still no anti-cheat software in place and as a result, cheaters are having a field day. However, the issue was magnified during the recent Twitch Rivals event.

Cheaters make a mess of the Twitch Rivals Warzone event

As with all Twitch Rivals events, a substantial amount of money is on the line for this particular tournament. The prize pool is $250,000 and is divided up amongst the first, second and third place winners. With that kind of money on the line, participants take the tournament extremely seriously.

For this event, Twitch Rivals decided to take advantage of the recently-added private match feature in Warzone. Activision developed this feature with competitive play in mind and the community rejoiced when it was first introduced.

While many fans thought this would combat the cheaters in public matches, it doesn’t appear that’s the case. During one of the matches in the Twitch Rivals event, players reported atleast one cheater participating. With $250,000 on the line, it’s understandable why many participants were outraged upon discovering this.


According to many of the players, one team was responsible for most of the carnage. Streamer and competitive player “Metzy” was initially accused of cheating and then subsequently disqualified from the tournament. However, Twitch Rivals decided not to restart the tournament, so teams who died to the supposed cheater were out of luck.

call of duty warzone twitch rivals tournament
Image via @KaleiRenay

Metzy appears to be the main issue for many in the tournament. Professional player Thomas “Tommey” Trewren even managed to spectate the accused cheater and found some pretty interesting inconsistencies in his gameplay.

For many fans and players, the need for an anti-cheat system in Warzone is long overdue. However, Activision simply hasn’t put one in place and situations like this most recent one keep occurring. Hopefully, now that a supposed cheater has made their way into a huge, prime-time event, some action will be taken.

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