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In a Creator Update recently shared with streamers, Twitch announced it will prohibit links and referral codes to gambling websites. The announcement said the company will continue to monitor gambling content and possibly update their approach.

According to the announcement, this is “to prevent harm and scams created by questionable gambling services that sponsor content on Twitch.”

twitch gambling
Twitch’s Creator Update on gambling. | Provided by Twitch

The new policy will go into effect on Aug. 17. This is in order to give those who’ve previously shared such links on their channel due time to remove them.

The recent rise of gambling on the platform

Twitch has seen a recent rise in slots and other gambling endeavors by popular streamers such as Félix “xQc” Lengyel and Tyler “Trainwrecks” Niknam. The websites that creators use give them cash to burn as they hit slots and other games for their large audiences. The streamers are also paid over six figures to showcase these websites on their streams.

Some creators have recently come out against the practice; most notably Ethan Klein and Hasan Piker. The rise of slots streams also caught the attention of world governments, similar to how loot boxes have been scrutinized.

Additionally, xQc  recently came out with an apology for streaming himself gambling while taking money from the website owners.

It remains to be seen how this new Twitch policy will impact sponsors like Counter-Strike skin websites. However, it’s possible those sponsors may leave the platform before the deadline.

Gambling on stream has not been outright banned by the platform. But, without distributing links or referral codes to a large audience, large sites that used to promote themselves through streamers (like Stake.com which was promoted by xQc) may leave the platform as well.

Twitch said it will adjust and update its policy as needed as they monitor betting-related content on the platform.