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Amazon subsidiary and live streaming video platform Twitch has announced that it will partner with submarine sandwich and salad restaurant franchise Subway for this year’s SUBtember event. The event will run between September 3 – 24 and was originally implemented in 2017.

Subway partnership

In partnership with Subway, Twitch will offer Tier 1 subscriptions made on a web browser or the desktop application at 50% off. This way, viewers will be able to support their favorite streamers and personalities on the platform. Despite the discounted price, streamers will still receive the full value that they would normally have with a Twitch subscription.

In order to take advantage of SUBtember, people must be logged into their Twitch account. There’s no limit on the number of channels one can use the Subway promotion discount on, either. If someone has an existing active gift sub or Twitch Prime subscription, they can also continue it using the promotion. However, users will not be able to take advantage of this deal if they cancel a subscription in a channel after September 3 to resubscribe. Users on Twitch Mobile will also be exempt from the deal.

Twitch subs

As part of the Twitch subscription, a user will gain access to a streamer’s custom chat emotes, which they can use across Twitch. They will also receive a subscriber badge that upgrades depending on the length of subscription, plus no advertisements while viewing. Other content will also unlock for subscribers depending on the streamer. These could include sub-only games, special channels in a streamer’s Discord server, and more. In addition, the sub will provide users with a variety of in-game rewards, nicknamed “Twitch Loot”.

Streamers will also receive a 10% increase in Bits when users cheer more than 10 bits on their channel. Subway, meanwhile, will be gifting subscriptions to various users on the platform as part of the partnership, and a platform-wide sandwich cheer emote will be released. They will even launch a Subway channel on Twitch, with their favorite streamers appearing on it.

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