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Nick Ottinger has joined TSM as the esports organization’s first-ever sim-racer.

Ottinger’s introduction to sim racing

Ottinger has a decorated past in terms of competitive racing. He found his love for sim racing when he was 13 years old and recuperating from open-heart surgery.

While recovering, Ottinger’s brother Chris introduced him to some racing games on the PlayStation. According to William Byron Racing, Ottinger’s passion for sim racing continued to grow when he heard about his father’s own racing career. Fred Ottinger participated in local tracks like the Hialeah Speedway in Florida.

Thanks to his father, Ottinger learned about mental preparation, setups and the technical aspects of racing. After finding his love for racing at 13, Ottinger began to compete in esports events in 2009–when he was 15 years old.

He then went on to participate in the eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series.

Ottinger won the racing series’ inaugural television debut. Currently, he is tied in second place for the most wins. So far, he has won over 400 iRacing competitions.

Ottinger becomes TSM’s first sim-racer

In an announcement, Ottinger said that he could not pass up on joining TSM. This was due to a shared vision of being competitive and wanting to win. He added that he had many goals to achieve with the esports organization.

“Being the first sim-racer to join the TSM family is a major accomplishment and just the first step,” he said. “We are here to win races and showcase just how cool and interesting sim racing can be.”

One of TSM’s notable brand partners is Logitech G, which has a focus on gaming technologies and gear. Jim Hoey, the head of eracing at Logitech G, voiced his excitement about Ottinger being chosen as the first-ever racer for TSM as well.

“Nick was a driving force last season, taking the championship in the only way he knows how, with determination and poise,” Hoey said. “His addition to TSM is a perfect fit, as TSM continues to build one of the most successful and recognizable esports organizations in the world.”

Just last year, Ottinger competed in the eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series and took home the gold.