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Longtime TSM VALORANT coach Taylor “tailored” Broomall parted ways with organization on May 11. The former Counter-Strike coach signed to TSM with the original roster back in May of 2020. In his time on the team, TSM won two Ignition Series tournaments. They placed fist at the FaZe Clan Invitational and the T1 x Nerd Street Gamers Showdown. They also placed second in VALORANT’s first major tournament, First Strike. Since then TSM has seen a dip in form in the VALORANT Champions Tour era, failing to qualify for some of the biggest events of 2021.

According to tailored, TSM agreed to let the coach explore his options with other teams and he has decided to step away from the organization.

“A few weeks ago the org agreed to allow me to explore my team options. Grateful to my guys and to TSM for what we achieved together but it’s time to move on. Open to offers as I talk with teams,” tailored tweeted.

Tailored’s history with TSM VALORANT

Tailored joined TSM along with the rest of the squad. They were signed on May 22, 2020 from their early amateur team mouseSpaz. Before VALORANT, tailored bounced around the North American Counter-Strike scene. He coached and managed squads like Splyce and Envy before making the switch. In VALORANT he was a part of some of the early meta shifts and helped TSM form innovative compositions in the early stages. The team famously ran triple Duelist compositions in First Strike. TSM were also known for changing up compositions during VCT events. They have over 10 different agent compositions played on their most played maps, Bind and Ascent.

He may be one of the most tenured coaches in the North American VALORANT scene, as many early squads did not have a coach in 2020. Some teams, like Sentinels, do not even have coach for their team currently.

The move comes just a few weeks removed from other roster moves on the TSM VALORANT squad. Braxton “brax” Pierc joined the team back in March and the team announced Stephen “reltuC ” Cutler’s benching on May 3.