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TeamSoloMid (TSM) fans have expressed great disappointment in Twitch streamer Dimitri “GreekGodx” Raymondo Antonatos. Early in February 2020, TSM announced GreekGodx as the organization’s newest content creator. Over the last several years, TSM has broadened its horizons. The company is no longer just an esports organization and has developed a strong roster of content creators.

At the time of Greek’s signing, mixed emotions stirred throughout the community. While his fanbase was ecstatic, some nay-sayers questioned TSM’s reasoning, and now that time has passed, questions are arising again.

Greek’s sexist and racist remarks

A Reddit post by user YouShouldAim called out Greek’s bad behavior in a viral TSM Reddit post. The user highlighted the streamer’s history of sexist and racist behavior, claiming he tarnishes TSM’s brand. In particular, YouShouldAim brought up the recent drama between Greek and fellow content creator “Melina.” She spoke candidly about her first meeting with Greek, saying she felt he was “aggressive” and “obnoxious,” to which Greek attempted to belittle Melina by implying he had no idea who she was even though they had met. Furthermore, the TSM streamer said he only knew her because she’s the “pet” of streamer Steven “Destiny” Kenneth Bonnell II.

Additionally, the original poster shed light on Greek’s incidents of racist actions and remarks. Likewise, a significant area of concern over the last few months has been Greek’s ego. Some claim the streamer’s personality shifted after he experienced his massive weight loss. A popular opinion throughout YouShouldAim’s thread is Greek has transformed into an overwhelmingly toxic and egotistical personality.

In short, a segment of TSM’s community isn’t happy with how Greek chooses to represent himself and the brand. For all we know, Greek may be battling with personal issues that are causing him to lash out against others and act in ways unfamiliar to his fanbase. In any case, it’s unknown whether TSM considers community feedback. Currently, GreekGodx evidently has no intention of changing his behavior.

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