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The long-awaited game between TSM and FlyQuest turned out to be a literal long wait. Between long delays, pauses, and an unexpected fifth game, it turns out TSM ended up calling victory against FQ, securing the LCS Champions title. Although the LCS is over, fans expect to see all three NA teams try their absolute best for the upcoming World Championship.

The first game was nothing but a stomp against FQ. TSM had an advantage starting mid-game as TSM gained eleven kills and an almost ten thousand gold lead. Additionally, they had every dragon by this point while FQ struggled to earn objectives. Overall, the teamwork between TSM mid-laner Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg and bot-laner Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng did not go unnoticed. TSM’s top-laner Sergen “BrokenBlade” Çelik did the most damage, allowing his team to easily snowball to FQ’s Nexus.

Coming into the second game, TSM knew they already had a great advantage. During the early game, the team earned their first kill with a large gold lead. Unfortunately, FQ bot-laner Jason “WildTurtle” Tran’s power had gone out due to the California heatwave. Since FQ chose to play remotely, their other players didn’t experience the same outage. This caused a very long pause between the second game, which picked back up right where the teams left off. TSM was able to continue their streak, with Doublelift doing the most damage. Although FQ had more dragons, it didn’t compensate for the lack of kills, gold, or towers in this game.

The comeback for FlyQuest

FQ was able to turn the games around for the following two matches. TSM ended up falling apart in team fights and overall has poor map control. FQ took advantage of this by playing smart and pushing lanes once they had Baron. The same situation occurred for game four, where TSM initiated team fights after losing objectives such as dragons. Unfortunately for them, FQ was much stronger. Several team fights in the dragon pit left, leaving TSM running away with extremely low health. Although Bjergsen and BrokenBlade still had more damage, it wasn’t enough to prevent FQ from pushing towards their base into victory.

TSM is victorious

Because of the tie between both teams, the series had to go into a tie-breaker game. This was the perfect opportunity for TSM to rise from the two losses they had experienced. Overall, the amount of teamwork and effort TSM and FQ put out turned this series into an entertaining one. BrokenBlade showed an impressive performance throughout the series. TSM jungler Mingyi “Spica” Lu carried the team through well-timed initiations and team fights.

TSM’s victory means that they are seven-time LCS champions and the best team in NA. Throughout the split, many people and even casters were doubtful that they were going to go this far. Fortunately for TSM, they have one of the best mid-laners in NA on their team, as well as great group synergy. They fought hard for this trophy, and it won’t stop there.

They’ll be heading to Worlds, representing NA alongside FQ and Team Liquid. They’re now locked in as the first seed for NA.