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For the first time, globally recognized esports organization TSM has joined the World of Warcraft scene. They will be represented by popular Influencer Josh “Xaryu” Lujan. TSM fans are more than excited for this new chapter.

The announcement

In an official statement, TSM shared their decision to move forward in becoming a part of World of Warcraft. They discussed how familiar the game is to the team and how important it is to each member.

Today, TSM signed their first representative for World of Warcraft. With over 225,000 Twitch followers, Xaryu will now stream under the TSM banner. His fans know him to play as a Mage with impressive PvP skills. He also reaches difficult achievements such as hitting Rank 1 and going 100 – 0 on 2s. He does have some professional background, though. Xaryu had previously been a part of esports organization Method. He recently announced his departure after being a part of the group for three years.

Other interests

Aside from playing World of Warcraft, he is also a dedicated lifestyle streamer. He uploads fitness content onto various social platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Along with this, he streams with popular Fortnite players such as Cloakzy and Jaomock.

In a note to TSM, Xaryu shared his thoughts on his new contract with the team: “TSM has always been a leader in the industry and I have been watching TSM since 2012 League of Legends tournaments with the Dyrus/Xpecial/Chaox/TheOddOne/Regi roster. Joining such an established and accomplished team has been a dream of mine – I could not be more excited & grateful to join TSM. I can’t wait to create incredible content alongside TSM in the WoW & Fitness space, showing gamers that they can take their health seriously and still be top level gamers.”

Currently, TSM is most widely known for its League of Legends team. They also compete in other games such as PUBG, Fortnite, Hearthstone, Overwatchand many more. This is the first time they have ever taken part in the World of Warcraft scene. The feedback on the announcement has been positive among fans and followers. TSM is hoping to continue this supportive momentum.