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True Neutral, the no. 1 team in the South American Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS), is moving to Mexico in order to compete in the North American region, the team revealed via Octane.gg.

The South American team — composed of the two Argentines, Facundo “Shad” Vallerino and Lautaro “ajg” Gusinsky, and the Chilean Victor “Reysbull” Duran Parra — dethroned the Brazilian FURIA Esports as the top dogs in the region. After taking home the victory in RLCS Season X last month, they are now aiming to take the challenge to one of the strongest regions in the world.

True Neutral to RLCS NA: the first cross-region team transfer

True Neutral’s move to NA is the first cross-region transfer for an entire team in Rocket League. Team Envy is the only other team that came relatively close to doing so in 2018. This was when the organization wanted its European roster to relocate to NA. When the players declined, they were dropped.

The True Neutral roster is moving to the far eastern coast of Mexico, near Playa del Carmen. There, they will be allowed to play in the NA qualifiers. The ping will also be more beneficial there, as the western side of North America has notoriously bad connection to the Rocket League servers.

True Neutral is a force to be reckoned with in South America. However, it remains to be seen how well they will do in the north; South America hasn’t fared well against the European or North American teams. But, True Neutral is a fairly new team that has yet to be tried against the top. Before, it had only been Brazilian teams that made it to RLCS Worlds.

Team coach Lucas “Aguesome” Rodriguez is aware of the competition. His tone is realistic, as True Neutral aims to grow as a team and take on the challenge.

“Our main objective is to improve, have good experiences, create stronger bonds between us and continue working hard to see how far we can go by doing what we love,” Aguesome said. “We think the next step would be to go to another region so we can play against the best players and teams in the game.”

The next season of the RLCS is expected to start in the fall of 2021.