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The big question on most Call of Duty: Vanguard players’ minds is when the next major update is coming. There were rumors that the Season 1 Reloaded update, also called the mid-season update, could be coming as soon as the week of Jan. 10. While Vanguard’s official developer, Sledgehammer Games, hasn’t said anything, Treyarch confirmed the mid-season update’s release date for Vanguard Zombies is arriving on Jan. 11. This all but confirms that the multiplayer part of the update will also arrive on that day. However, fans are still waiting for a roadmap to showcase exactly what content they can expect with the update.

Treyarch is responsible for the Zombies portion of Vanguard, which most fans feel needs some major additions.

Vanguard mid-season update

Treyarch didn’t release any details about what will be included with their update. But, some fans are expecting long-awaited features like a pause menu and perhaps a new round-based map. The developers said their annual 115 Day blog will contain all of the update’s information, though. The 115 Day blog celebrates the Black Ops Zombies storyline every year on Jan. 15 and usually introduces new content into that year’s Zombies experience.

In regard to Vanguard multiplayer, fans can expect a large list of patch notes to accompany the mid-season update. Sledgehammer Games previously delayed an update originally slated for early December to have more stability in multiplayer. They also released some concrete fixes they’re working on that are coming to Vanguard soon. These fixes will contain weapon balancing, a counter for fire grenades and some tuning to the spawn logic, among other things.

The next step leading up to the mid-season update in Vanguard will be the roadmap’s release. The update should introduce some new content along with the list of patch notes, if past updates are any indication. This could include some leaked pieces of content like the Chauchat LMG or Ranked Play.

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