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Earlier this month, the official Twitter account of Treyarch teased Barebones, Infected, the free Arsenal Sandstorm map, and a new batch of MP maps when the next Operation drops. Today, Treyarch officially released both the new Arsenal Sandstorm map and the Deathmatch Domination mode to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The free weather variant Arsenal Sandstorm map releases to all platforms, but the Deathmatch Domination mode is a PS4 exclusive while the Infected map is for Xbox One and PC.


Arsenal Sandstorm – Multiplayer: Arsenal Sandstorm arrives on April 16 on all platforms! Experience Arsenal amidst a raging sandstorm and prep your loadout accordingly. Ready up!

Deathmatch Domination – Multiplayer – (PS4): Deathmatch Domination, an all-new mode for Multiplayer is available on PS4 on April 16. Gain score for your team by holding objectives AND getting kills in this TDM/Domination hybrid game mode.

Infected – Multiplayer: Infected in live on all platforms April 16 with zombie-themed twist! Fight to survive against an ever-growing team of infected, or join the horde and eliminate your enemies.

Arsenal has already been a map in Black Ops 4 since the game released. However, this new version will showcase a weather theme, which will make things like visibility and other game factors affect your play style. Unlike previous updates that have released to specific consoles first, this update drops on all platforms. This will enable players to all join in on the fun at the same time.

Call of Duty: Blackout

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4‘s battle royale game mode Blackout also received an update earlier this month. The new map, designed after the former island prison of Alcatraz, is a nice change of pace. It is a lot more close-quarters compared to the previous map and is currently available on all platforms.

Blackout is free to play for all of April. Players on PC can download the game through Battle.net, and console players can download the game from their respective console stores.

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