Toronto Ultra's Brack on rookie advice, playing with vets, and player beef
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Toronto Ultra’s Brack on rookie advice, playing with vets, and player beef

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We had the pleasure of speaking to Carson “Brack” Newberry from Toronto Ultra before the start of the inaugural Call of Duty League (CDL) season.  The young talent broke out last year during the Black Ops 4 season. His Midnight Esports squad surprised everyone with their performance in the first few weeks of the pro league.

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Following some mid-season team jumps, he found himself on Luminosity Gaming by the end of the year. Brack was one of the breakout rookies, praised for his slaying firepower at such an early point of his career. Now, CDL franchise Toronto Ultra has picked him up as a potential star player.

Daily Esports: What are your feelings on entering the second year of your professional career, but as an already established player?

Carson “Brack” Newberry: I’m just gonna keep the same mindset as I did last year, not taking anyone lightly and go hard against everyone. I’ll keep doing what I did last year and I think it’ll pay off. I’m glad to be teaming with [Ultra]; we’re doing good so far in scrims. I’m just ready to play already.

DE: Drawing more on that, what’s your advice to amateur (AM) players on the come-up?

Brack: I was an AM last year, right? I would just say put a lot of time into it, don’t give up even if you have little setbacks. It’s just going to make you stronger. Just have a good mindset going into things, don’t give up, and you’ll eventually make it.

DE: This is pretty much your second big-time team.  How does it feel to have this opportunity to play with veterans such as Loony and Methodz?

Brack: I love this opportunity, I’m not going to just give it away. I’m going to go hard and I’m still learning everything about the game. They’re teaching me a lot and I’m just going to play around them and we’ll see what happens.

DE: In your opinion, who are the top five teams in the CDL so far?

Brack: I’ll probably go: Dallas Empire, Atlanta FaZe, Chicago Huntsmen, maybe London Royal Ravens, and New York Subliners.

DE: What do you think your most anticipated match is?

Brack: I know my most anticipated match is against New York Subliners because [Donovan “Temp” Laroda] and I have a little beef. I think it would also be Minnesota since we’re both Northern teams. I’m ready to play both of those teams though.

DE: What was the philosophy behind this huge ten-man roster?

Brack: A bunch of it goes behind the scenes like analysis and watching gameplay. I think that’s what the philosophy is behind it, helping each other grow. We’ll see what happens. I don’t know what will happen with the franchise league this year, with how subbing in and out works, since you can do it before and after a map.

DE: Speaking of maps, what’s your favorite map so far on Modern Warfare?

Brack: My favorite map would probably be … not Rammaza, not Hackney Yard, not Arklov Peak. I’m not a big pub guy either, so I’m not sure.

DE: Most overrated pro right now?

Brack: It would probably be Temp. I’m gonna have to go with Temp.

DE: To wrap up, which city do you think deserves a franchise spot?

Brack: I’m just gonna say my city: Nashville, Tennessee. I think they deserve a franchise spot. There’s a bunch of esports things happening around, my local college has an esports team. It’s growing right now.

We’d like to thank Brack for taking a moment to chat with us. Brack returns to the main-stage this weekend at the CDL Minnesota Launch Event. Matches will broadcast live from the official Call of Duty channel. For more Call of Duty coverage, player interviews, and roster mania news, stay up to date here with Daily Esports.