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The defending champions Toronto Ultra have remained perfect in Stage 3, sweeping the LA Guerrillas 3-0 at the Paris Home Series. It took quite a bit of time, as connection issues plagued the series for over an hour, but Toronto got the job done.

Toronto proved once again that they should be considered the top team in the CDL. After a series of close matches yesterday, including Atlanta almost losing to the LA Thieves, the Ultra made sure to get this match — one they were expected to win — over with as soon as they could manage.

Toronto Ultra remain perfect after sweep of LA

It would have been quite a shock if the LA Guerrillas were able to pull off a win against the Stage 2 champs. While the addition of Martin “Cheen” Chino did net them a win last weekend, they’re still not up to Toronto’s level quite yet.

The entire roster, except Adam “Assault” Garcia, struggled. The two most accomplished veterans on the squad, Justin “Silly” Fargo and Brian “Apathy” Zhelyazkov, were especially poor, posting sub-0.70 KDs. Perhaps it was the overwhelming power of Toronto, but it seems the Guerrillas’ problems haven’t gone away with Cheen now on board. However, they did manage to keep most of the maps close, including a three-point loss in Hardpoint and a round 11 Search and Destroy. Who knows what could have happened if Silly or Apathy posted better numbers.

Toronto’s roster, meanwhile, enjoyed a great match. Each member of the team posted a KD higher than 1.0, with Cameron “Cammy” McKilligan leading the charge at a 1.47 KD. It seems a new member of the Ultra is stepping up every match, which only speaks to the depth they currently boast.

Both teams will have another chance for a win at the Paris Home Series. The Guerrillas play the Dallas Empire on Saturday, May 1 while the Ultra face off against Minnesota on Sunday, May 2.

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