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The Toronto Ultra has issued an official response to the backlash caused by Ian “Crimsix” Porter on Twitter. In a controversial TwitLonger, Toronto Ultra responded to the accusations surrounding Carson “Brack” Newberry. Earlier this week Crimsix challenged Toronto Ultra’s treatment of their players. Crimsix addressed Nicholas “Classic” DiCostanzo and Brack being unable to leave when family emergencies came up.

Classic was unable to leave Canada to attend his grandfather’s funeral, and Brack was unable to see his grandfather after open-heart surgery. Brack responded to Crimsix on Twitter by saying that Toronto had also refused to pay him for wanting to leave Canada. Eventually, the Ultra allowed both players to leave after numerous discussions. Now the Canadian Call of Duty team has issued a statement via TwitLonger regarding the controversy. Toronto Ultra titled their explanation “The truth about Brack,” which has many fans enraged over a lack of professionalism.

Toronto Ultra clear up Brack’s situation

Toronto’s wording was called into question when they seemed to contradict the title of the TwitLonger. Crimsix’s original statements against forced fans to call the legitimacy into question. Toronto Ultra’s decision to title the TwitLonger “the truth” is what caused the outrage. The team’s professionalism is being called into question based on the title. However, the Toronto Ultra does tell their side of the story from a different perspective. While Brack claimed that he was not being paid while visiting his family, Toronto tells a different story.

Toronto Ultra

The Ultra claims that they paid Brack while he was away and then found that he had packed his things. This indicated to them that he had no intention of returning to Canada after he visited his family. Brack’s desire to leave was what prompted Ultra to no longer pay him his substitute salary. Since Brack had also not been practicing or playing with the main roster, they cut his pay.

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