Toronto Ultra Mayhem on making a name for himself

Toronto Ultra Mayhem on making a name for himself

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We got the chance to speak to Mehran “Mayhem” Anjomshoa from Toronto Ultra ahead of their debut at the coming Call of Duty League (CDL) first season. Mayhem has competed as a top-level amateur player since the jetpack era of CoD esports. He had his first big break on UYU last year during the Black Ops 4 season. Following consistent strong performances on his teams, he has been picked up by Toronto Ultra.

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Daily Esports: How does it feel to be the one person on the roster from the hometown, representing the city?

Mehran “Mayhem” Anjomshoa: I mean, it’s really cool. I’m glad I get to represent Toronto. I know a lot of my high school friends are excited and happy for me. I’m just enjoying the moment, and I’m going to be ready whenever my time is called.

You’ve had this opportunity to play on a franchise team, but looking back on your history, your past teams have always been high-tier AM teams or low-tier Pro teams despite your performances. What’s the difference with a team with veterans such as this versus your other ones?

With us, I think we just have a lot of talent, and for the position I’m put in, I just have to learn really fast. I have great IGLs like Bance and Loony. So I feel like if I learn from those guys, I could add more skills to my gameplay.

Following on that, how does it feel to finally have a chance to establish yourself as a mainstay player in the Call of Duty esports scene?

For sure, it feels like my chance. I feel like I’ve been trying to get to a professional level for around two-to-three years. I was always one match away from getting there. Last year was finally my breakout season and the moment I finally got an opportunity. I mean, I’m just excited like I said. I’m just willing to put in the work and do what’s needed.

What do you think the top five teams are?

This is in no order, but I feel like it’s Chicago Hunstmen, Dallas Empire, Atlanta FaZe. But after that point, everything is just a toss-up. Because at the end of the day, I understand that people look on paper and they see, “Wow, that’s a really good team.” It comes down to who can work better as a team and has a better understanding of the game.

What is your most anticipated match?

It doesn’t matter who we play; we just need to play our own game. At the end of the day, we all put in the work to try and get ahead of the meta. Whenever we’re playing against these great teams, we need to have great teamwork.

What are your thoughts on the philosophy behind the 10-man roster?

I definitely feel like we can all share what we know when it comes to certain spots on the map and just game knowledge in general. I feel like depending on the game mode we play, we have a really good advantage because we have more people compared to other teams that use coaches for their substitute spots. 

What is your favorite map in Modern Warfare so far?

That’s a tough one. Top two, I think I’m going to go with the Ground War Quarry map and probably Shoothouse.

Lastly, what city do you think deserves the next franchise?

I feel like Montreal would be pretty cool. Their fanbase would be insanely wild and great in general. It’ll probably be a newer thing up there, so the different types of fans that could be brought in would be good for the esport.


We’d like to thank Mayhem for answering our questions. Mayhem and Toronto Ultra are set to play this weekend at the CDL Minnesota Launch Event. Matches will broadcast live from the official Call of Duty channel. For more Call of Duty coverage, player interviews, and roster mania news, stay up to date here with Daily Esports.