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This past weekend’s CDL Major II has been one of the best events in the league’s history. The Minnesota ROKKR put on a fantastic show at the Mystic Lake Center. From the stage to the championship trophy, there was never a dull moment over the course of the weekend. This didn’t only apply to professional CDL teams, though. There was also a Challengers LAN event held for the first time in nearly two years. The open was so successful, that it appears the Toronto Ultra are going the same route for when they host the next major event.

One of the co-founders of the Toronto Ultra, Adam Adamou, announced the news on Sunday via Twitter during the Minnesota Major. It’s unclear exactly how the open will work but it can be expected to run very similarly to how it did at this weekend’s major. Adamou tweeted the following about the event:

“We’re going to be hosting a massive LAN tournament for Challengers at Toronto Major III as well. I would love to see the final on the main stage in Toronto.”

Adamou describes the tournament as “massive,” which could signify the same amount of teams from the Minnesota event will be able to attend. The co-founder also expresses their desire to have the final of the Challengers event be on the main stage. This past weekend in Minnesota, the final for the Challengers Open was held on the side stations where the rest of the matches took place.

When Toronto does host this event, they will have some top-tier Challenger teams competing under their brand. This past weekend, both the Toronto NA and EU Academy teams cemented their spot in the CDL Pro-Am event. This will take place later this season. Teams qualified by placing in the top four of the Minnesota Challengers event. The Pro-Am will see these four squads compete against professional CDL teams.

Additional details surrounding the Toronto Challengers event will likely come in the following weeks. The Toronto Ultra Major is scheduled for June 2-5.

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