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On the first day of Overwatch League free agency, the Toronto Defiant released ten out of eleven players. Most teams in the league have part of their roster remaining, but Toronto has the least. As of this moment, the only remaining player is Andreas “Logix” Berghmans. Even then, a new contract isn’t done, and he also might move on. However, the Defiant will be doing its second team rebuild within its first two seasons in the league.

The surprise releases

This decision to rebuild seems to be from the players choices to leave. When the Overwatch League released each team’s roster decisions for free agency, the Toronto Defiant’s players stood out. None of them accepted to stay with the team, and many walked into free agency. A couple hours after this reveal, the Toronto Defiant twitter page confirmed every release, one by one. However, Logix didn’t have a goodbye tweet. He did respond to the releases and hasn’t confirmed that he is staying with the Defiant yet.

Fans of the Defiant have seen this before. After their poor first season, Toronto decided to go with a mixed roster. They added many fan favorites and Canadians to appeal to their fans. To be fair, the team did perform better than the first season, but not by much. Fans were hoping to see some players stick around for their third season, but they also knew that players would leave. Rumors of Lane “Surefour” Roberts retiring wafted around most of the season. But, no Defiant fan expected the mass exodus that it led to. It’s clear that the organization has to get a new head coach and players to match him. Furthermore, the co-founder of the Defiant organization Adam Adamou said that they would start rebuilding on October 23rd onwards.


As of now, it’s only a matter of time before Defiant is a new team again.