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With stage two of the Overwatch League over, the signings for all teams are coming in fast. With Fate being traded to the Florida Mayhem, as well as other smaller signings, it has officially begun. One team that has been relatively quiet has been the Toronto Defiant, even with a poor stage two. But that seems to have ended recently, with their general manager being sneakily puzzling on Twitter.

The riddle begins

It all started when general manager Jaesun Won tweeted this very cryptic tweet.

With the announcement coming by as soon as tomorrow, this tweet has sent many fans into deep thought. Everyone knew that this was a player signing puzzle, but unlike the XQC to the Gladiators trade, this one was tough. The weird jumble of text and the three pictures were vague to most readers. A thread on Reddit soon started, with most people coming to the idea that the tree was a pine tree. Perhaps benched DPS player Do-hyeon “Pine” Kim would be traded to the Defiant? But Jae shut that idea down not too long after on Twitter.

It was then seen as a fir tree, delivering one part of the puzzle. The first picture is of the Pantheon, which people thought of as a connection to Korean Contenders team GE Pantheon KR. Nobody has confirmed if that is what Jae meant, however. The last picture is of a piece of art made by Mark Bradford titled “Constitution IV.”

The text also seemed undecipherable, but simply googling the entire text leads to an album made by an artist named by Frausun.

Possible trade suspects

Multiple ideas were thrown online. One signing that didn’t seem to fit but fans wanted anyhow was Sang-hoon “Kaiser” Ryu, a main tank who used to play for Korean Contenders team RunAway. Another was Min-sung “Water” Lee, who formerly played for GE Pantheon KR and could be frozen (frausun). The player himself replied to a fan, however, and confirmed that he wasn’t being traded. The most likely idea in the fans’ eyes was player Min-Seok “Arrow” Park. Nobody knew for sure whether that was right, especially because he is a DPS player on a team that doesn’t need more.

But, as of this morning, the social coordinator for the Toronto Defiant tweeted out this:

And to clarify, I asked this:

And he confirmed it for sure, tweeting three Xs. Three strikes. This leaves this puzzle still unsolved, with the singing being announced tomorrow. Who is the Defiant hinting at here?

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