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With the upcoming franchised Call of Duty League starting in 2020, many organizations are starting to announce the signing of managerial staff. Toronto’s Call of Duty franchise is one of these. It’s announced that Dominique “Wi5dom12” Gelineau will join the organization as its General Manager.

Dominique Gelineau

Gelineau might not be a household name to many in the Call of Duty scene. However, many Reddit users reacting to the announcement mentioned that she has been in the scene since around the time of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Others also brought up that many professional players were following her and that she was well connected.

This information is confirmed in an interview with OverActive. Gelineau began in the Call of Duty space as a top all-female team coach and commentator. Outside of CoD, she has also worked for companies in a recruiter and talent acquisition role. These include Best Buy Canada, Demonwave (Activision), East Side Games, and LDRLY Games. She also volunteers with Big Sisters and various grassroots esports groups.

Call of Duty Toronto

Toronto is one of the seven confirmed cities for the 2020 franchised Call of Duty League. While it was revealed that eight have purchased franchise slots, we currently only know seven of them. The other six cities include Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Minnesota, and Paris.

The Toronto franchise spot is owned by OverActive Media, which also operates the League of Legends European Championship Series team Splyce and the Overwatch League franchise Toronto Defiant. Splyce is mainly known for its LEC team. However, the organization also fields a Call of Duty team, which is likely to transfer over.

Many have said that it is too early for Call of Duty to be franchised around a city concept. That said, would you be interested in attending a home CDL game if given the opportunity? Let us know in the comments, and keep up with all of the latest Call of Duty news and content here at Daily Esports.