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The Pokémon Players Cup II Region Finals broadcast was this weekend, and we got to see all sorts of memorable VGC battles. We also got to see a wide variety of Pokémon in action here, but four of them really stood out.

Here are four Pokémon that appeared all over the place over the weekend, and why they are so popular in this format.

Tapu Fini

Pokémon Players Cup II VGC

We’ve seen a lot of Tapu Fini since The Crown Tundra expansion came out. The Water/Fairy-type Legendary brings a lot to the table. It has incredible bulk for the amount of damage it does. It also has access to Calm Mind to boost its damage and special defense. Muddy Water is its key damage move, as it hits both opponents and has a chance to drop their accuracy.


Dusclops is a formidable Trick Room setter in this format. It holds an Eviolite to boost its defenses and it will almost always take Ally Switch to keep enemies guessing. It’s a difficult Pokémon to ignore, but even more difficult to KO due to its high defense and HP. It can also take Night Shade and Pain Split to output some damage.


Glastrier pairs extremely well with Dusclops. Despite being predictable, Glastrier is difficult to deal with. Since it doesn’t need to invest in speed, it invests heavily into HP. Once it Dynamaxes, it’s almost impossible to one-hit KO. If it winds up knocking an opposing Pokémon out, its Chilling Neigh ability will boost its Attack stat, making it even stronger.


Pokémon Players Cup II VGC

Landorus wasn’t quite as popular as we initially thought it might be, but it still made quite a few appearances over the weekend. Landorus has been a staple in the VGC format for years due to its incredible attack stat along with its Intimidate ability. Unfortunately for Landorus, Glastrier checks it extremely hard, making it less effective than it once was.

Kartana, Galarian Moltres, Thundurus, Torkoal, and Venusaur were all also popular over the weekend. With such a wide variety of picks, it should be an exciting final for the Pokémon Players Cup II next weekend.