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Rose became the latest character to join the roster of Street Fighter V: Championship Edition on Monday, April 19. Subsequently, pros in the Street Fighter scene have begun to pick apart what makes this new version of Rose tick.

Rose has multiple new mechanical changes from her last appearance in Street Fighter IV, including color coating her scarf purple, green and blue for her light, medium and heavy attacks. She also comes with three new moves. These include an air variant of her Soul Spark projectile and an anti-air special called Soul Bind. In Soul Bind, Rose grabs her opponent out of the air with her scarf and Soul Punish. This allows her to send out an orb to a location on screen based on whichever button is used to execute the move.

Rose also comes equipped with two V-Skills and two V-Triggers. Rose’s V-Skill I is Soul Fortune; a move where Rose uses one of four tarot cards that either debuffs her opponent or strengthens herself. V-Skill II is the returning Soul Satellite from Street Fighter IV. This move allows Rose to summon a ball of energy to orbit around her. Her V-Trigger I is a teleport that allows her to move across the stage. V-Trigger II is Soul Illusion; one of her super moves from the Street Fighter Alpha series. Soul Illusion has Rose summon a clone of herself, allowing for combos to connect that would not be able to otherwise.

Pochoclo, a Street Fighter pro from Chile, utilized Rose’s V-Skill I and V-Trigger II to chip out a character from 25% health. This combo shows the debuff tarot card in action and the additional combo potential of Soul Illusion.

Panda Global’s Punk shows how dangerous Rose’s anti-airs can be when used in conjunction with Soul Illusion.

El Chakotay, a Street Fighter pro, found a Soul Bind combo that links three EX versions of the move together, which does over 30% life.

El Chakotay also found a counter hit combo on low stun characters like Akuma. This combo can erase 70% of the character’s life and put them into stun — if a player has a full meter and a V-Trigger II available.

In the clip above, pro Japanese player Sakonoko shows just how oppressive Rose can be in the corner.

Finally, streamer AutoMattock was able to utilize Rose’s Soul Satellite, Soul Punish and Soul Spark fireball, as well as her buttons to zone out another player and win with a perfect KO.

Rose is the second character to be added to Street Fighter V in its fifth season, following Dan. Oro will be out next, followed by Rival School’s character Akira Kazama and another character yet to be revealed. Season five will be the last season of Street Fighter V content. Capcom has supported the game with annual seasons since its initial release in 2016.