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Provided by: Infinity Ward

Top 10 assault rifles in Modern Warfare 2 Season 2, ranked

The best Assault Rifles in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

With its power to aid you in every combat range engagement, the Assault Rifle is the most versatile weapon in COD: Modern Warfare 2. Knowing the best loadouts and weapons and how to use them gives you an incredible competitive advantage in the game. Here, we give you a ranked list of the best ARs in COD MW2 in the current meta.

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Best COD MW2 assault rifles

In curating our ranked list for the top Assault Rifles in Modern Warfare 2 Season 2, we had two types of ARs in mind: those who are pretty great on their own which we put at the top of this list, and the ones who ranked lower needs a little help with a good loadout selection and an adjustment on your playing style before it shows its true potential.

Here are the pros and cons of the 10 Best Assault Rifles in MW2, from the great ones to the greatest of them all.

10. M16

Provided by: Infinity Ward

It takes serious skill to make the M16 truly shine in MW2, but if you are great at nailing head shots and body shots from a distance, then M16 can be a go-to pick in your inventory. Utilize the three-round burst assault you get when using the M16 well, and you may find just how understated yet powerful this AR is.

The fatal flaw of the M16 is that it’s only really great at medium to long ranges, and its heavy recoil can be quite a pain to most players, so keep this in mind when using it or customizing a loadout for it.

9. TAQ-56

Provided by: Infinity Ward

Though TAQ-56 comes in ninth in our list, this AR definitely still makes it since it is one of the hardest-hitting guns in the game. The slower fire rate is an unfortunate trade-off, but when used by a skilled player or with the right loadout, the TAQ-56 can quickly wipe out your foes at any range.

8. STB 556

Provided by: Infinity Ward

Although its base stats make it seem like an inefficient AR, the STB 556 can be deadly when paired with the right loadout. You can configure it so it virtually has zero recoil, making its time-to-kill insanely low, and fully maximizing its mobility that’s a lot more similar to an SMG than an AR.

You can fit the STB 556 with a wide range of attachments, so you can either turn it into an accurate AR designed for long-range, or a powerful hybrid of an SMG and AR.

7. M4

Provided by: Infinity Ward

A classic in the Call of Duty, the M4 is the first AR you’ll unlock, and it’s reliable enough to carry you until you reach higher ranks in the game without feeling like you’re at a serious disadvantage. The M4 is pretty consistent and reliable for either close combat or long range shots.

Leveling it up also allows you to obtain more assault rifles. So when you’ve found a better weapon down the road, you can’t deny just how much the M4 has been reliable enough to carry you that far. Pair the M4 with the right loadout and it can fare well even with the ARs which ranked higher on our list.

6. Lachmann 556

Provided by: Infinity Ward

With high mobility, low recoil, great stability, and flexibility for configuration, the Lachmann 556 is criminally underrated. It is adaptable and reliable as an AR in all ranges of combat for both rookies and seasoned players of MW2. With the Lachmann 556, you are able to steadily attack moving enemies at a distance which makes it a staple AR to have in your inventory.

However, you need to prioritize improving the total number of rounds it can hold and the amount of time it takes you to refill its magazine. Increase the rounds and utilize the Fast Hands perk to drastically speed up the reloading process. This way, the Lachmann 556 can be at its absolute best.

5. Kastov 762

Provided by: Infinity Ward

The Kastov 762 is a pretty aggressive AR in MW2, as it deals great damage through its large caliber chamber. Favor its semi-auto firing mode over full-auto to compensate for its pretty average precision and recoil control, and choose the appropriate attachments, perks, and other benefits when using this AR to reach its full potential. Its weighty feel stands out among the rest, making it impossible for the Kastov 762 to be left out of the discussion when talking about the best Assault Rifles in MW2.

4. ISO Hemlock

Provided by: Infinity Ward

Since the launch of Season 2 and this AR has been introduced to players, ISO Hemlock has dominated the game. Although its fire and mobility rate lacks quite a bit, its damage and range is unbeatable, especially as it is paired with such a minimal recoil. With an incredibly low time-to-kill, the ISO Hemlock is fatal and hence banned in Ranked Play.

3. Chimera

Provided by: Infinity Ward

Essentially the same gun as the Honey Badger from Call of Duty: Ghosts, the Chimera continues to prevail as one of the finest ARs since its debut in the Reloaded update in Season 1. It’s pre-equipped with a suppressed barrel and subsonic ammunition and is a great damage dealer without sacrificing accuracy and recoil.

Land multiple headshots using the Chimera with attachment options and a loadout that pairs greatly with your preferred playing style, and this AR becomes an instant killer.

2. Kastov-74u

Provided by: Infinity Ward

Based on the real AK-47 submachine gun, Kastov-74u is a lightweight and incredibly fast AR in MW2. It powerfully targets enemies up close like a submachine gun, but also does great in mid-range combat, as it is still classified as an AR.

The only flaw you can try to pick on this AR is its range, but it’s nothing that meticulously chosen attachments and perks can’t improve. No other AR comes close to Kastov-74u, with its low recoil and great accuracy. It gives you the best mobility to travese across anywhere on the map and eliminate anyone that comes your way. With this, it’s no surprise that Kastov-74u gets banned by the pros in the CDL, with Ranked Play following suit.

1. Kastov 545

Provided by: Infinity Ward

With the smaller 5.45mm bullets fired using the Kastov 545, this beast of an AR deals with enemies at ease even at a far distance through its impressive accuracy. What Kastov-74u lacks in range, Kastov 545 makes up for it by a great deal.

One may argue this AR has less damage, but with such a rapid-fire rate and low recoil, it still lets you wipe out your enemies quickly and with ease. A truly versatile AR from close to long ranges of combat, you can also further maximize its potential with a loadout tailored to your skill and playing style.

With all these, combined with the fact that the Kastov 545 is usable even in Ranked Play, you definitely can rely on this AR the most.

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