Three things we want to see in Modern Warfare II multiplayer
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II
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Three things we want to see in Modern Warfare II multiplayer

Bring back a more competitive Call of Duty

With the official reveal of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II out, the focus now turns to the game’s multiplayer side — whether it’s traditional multiplayer or Warzone 2.0. Players are surely interested in new additions to both, but let’s start with the game’s roots. Here’s a handful of additions we’d like to see included in Modern Warfare II multiplayer.

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1. A larger emphasis on competitive

It’s safe to say that Modern Warfare 2019 was one of the least competitive multiplayer experiences in Call of Duty’s history. While the gameplay certainly hooked millions of players, multiplayer wasn’t nearly as competitive as other titles.

For example, the maps, perks, equipment and even killstreaks were more tailored to players who operate at a slower pace. Some call these types of players campers while others call them strategic savants. Either way, that gameplay style isn’t as competitive as maneuvering maps and using items at your disposal cleverly to gain an advantage. Sitting in a room with a shotgun using the Ghost perk and setting up proximity mines outside the door isn’t really clever.

In Modern Warfare II, we hope to see maps that are smaller while emphasizing movement and perks/equipment that reward all styles of play. 2019’s Modern Warfare had large-scale maps that had dozens of small corners, numerous buildings and easy ways to not move the entire match. If you tried to make a move across the map, you were likely picked off by an enemy from any one of two dozen hiding spots. For MWII, we’re hoping for all styles of gameplay to be rewarded, not just one that promotes hiding in a building.

2. Returning original MW2 content

Since this game shares a name with one of the most iconic Call of Duty titles of all time, it’s only right that it shares some content with that game as well. The original MW2 in 2009 features some of the most well-known maps, killstreaks and weapons of any COD title. Infinity Ward, the developer of both MW2 2009 and MWII 2022, should look to bring back content from their original masterpiece.

Whether that’s in the form of guns, maps, killstreaks, perks or equipment likely doesn’t matter to fans. We’ve already seen fan-favorite map Highrise be confirmed for at least Warzone 2.0, so there should be even more original content on the way. However, Infinity Ward should implement that content carefully; most fans don’t want One Man Army noob tubes or double Model 1887s back on the map.

3. Mistakes corrected from MW2019

Modern Warfare 2019 did many things correctly for the Call of Duty franchise. It introduced a new era of COD, bringing cross play, a gunsmith system that’s still in use today, impressive engine accomplishments and graphical/audio fidelity that’s yet to be matched. However, the developers also made critical mistakes that stopped Modern Warfare from resonating with more fans.

The mini-map only worked some of the time, skill-based matchmaking was at an all-time high, gameplay, maps and other items promoted “camping,” and there was absolutely no effort put on the competitive side of things (i.e. no ranked play).

Modern Warfare II should look to correct these mistakes while promoting what its predecessor did right. Give competitive fans Ranked Play and allow them to play aggressively but also have options in place for players that want to play slower. Don’t touch the mini-map. Maybe tone down the skill-based matchmaking system. If these things can be corrected/tweaked, Modern Warfare II has the potential to be an all-time great Call of Duty.

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