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Sixteen more players claimed their spots in the Smash World Tour Regional Finals during the SWT South America Ultimate Online Qualifier this weekend. Bruno “Br1 AV” Assemany emerged victorious among a field of competitors from thirteen different countries. Here’s more about Br1 AV’s run, as well as other major takeaways from the event.

Br1 AV cements himself as South America’s best wi-fi warrior

Going into the SWT South America Ultimate Online Qualifier, Br1 AV would have been a fair pick to win the whole thing. After all, he has been extremely active in online tournaments throughout Ultimate’s lifespan, even before the beginning of the pandemic. He also finished as No. 28 in the world on the Wi-Fi Warrior Rank v5.

Despite his previous online success, Br1 AV was the No. 19 seed at this event. As a result, he was not even projected to qualify for the Regional Finals. But Br1 AV proved his status as South America’s best wi-fi warrior on his path to first place.

With his masterful control of Snake’s explosives, Br1 AV bested opponents like Joseph “jjcat00” Velez, Javier “LinkEa” González, Alejandro “Poyo” Reyes and Diego “Ghoul979” Alejandro Tarazona Montañes.

In winners finals, Br1 AV switched off of his signature Snake and onto Enderman, one of Steve’s alternate costumes. Relying largely on Minecart movement and well-placed aerials, Br1 AV delivered a 3-0 beatdown to No. 1 seed Julian “Frido” Bastias.

From there, he suffered a hard loss to Julio “Anality” Morla in grand finals. But Br1 AV adapted to the Ken match-up and responded with a 3-0 victory in the second set to win the SWT South America Qualifier.

Anality makes the losers run for second place

As Ecuador’s best offline player, Anality was projected to do well at the SWT South America Qualifier, earning himself the No. 2 seed. However, he suffered an early setback after losing to Ike player Ghoul979, who had just secured a reverse 3-0 to beat Young Link main Jhéeremy “Ran” Jesús Pradenas Chávarry.

Nevertheless, Anality used his roster of fighting game characters, Ken and Terry, to make a run all the way to grand finals. Using his characters’ devastating punish games, he eliminated Bernardo “OZN~Tales” Vejar 3-0, jjcat00 3-0, Jorgito “Toon” Farias 3-2, Kenneth “Keen” Hanss 3-2 and Frido 3-0.

Anality’s run eventually culminated with a 3-0 win against Ecuador’s best online player Br1 AV. Although his Ken and Terry both faltered after the bracket reset, the characters still helped Anality confidently secure his spot in the Regional Finals.

Chilean players excel at the SWT South America Qualifier

Although there was an Ecuadorian finale, Chile performed the best overall of any country at the SWT South America Qualifier. Seven of the sixteen qualifiers at this event hailed from Chile, including half of the players in top 12 of the main bracket.

Chile’s star players at this event included Frido (third place), Keen (fourth), Toon (fifth), OZN~Tales, LinkEa and Vicente “Wise” Flores (ninth). Also, Ran qualified by finishing in fourth place during the Last Chance Qualifier.

In addition, Brazil managed to secure three spots in the Regional Finals, the second most of any country. But these additions came late, as every Brazilian player who qualified did so through the Last Chance Qualifier. Brazil’s Paulo “Player 7” Janini Ferreira, Lucas “Lukitu” Fedele de Azeredo and Luis “Luffyranha” Felipe Abreu de Carvalho made up the top three of the second-chance bracket.

Looking ahead

The following players have qualified for the South America Ultimate Regional Finals beginning on July 30:

  • Br1 AV
  • Anality
  • Frido
  • Keen
  • Toon
  • Ghoul979
  • jjcat00
  • Santiago “ZanT” Gonzalez Aguilar
  • Poyo
  • OZN~Tales
  • Wise
  • LinkEa
  • Player 7
  • Lukitu
  • Luffyranha
  • Ran

Fans can look forward to the next Smash World Tour event, the European Ultimate Online Qualifier, which will take place from April 10-11.