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Avery “Ginger” Wilson hosted LG Ginger’s Pot O’ Gold: May on May 16, marking the second edition of his online Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament series. Toussaint “2saint” Turnier won over No. 1 seed Johnny “S2J” Kim.

Here are the details of 2saint’s win and other major takeaways from Ginger’s tournament.

2saint sweeps through a Falco gauntlet en route to first place

Due to a series of upsets and DQs, the bulk of 2saint’s bracket at LG Ginger’s Pot O’ Gold: May consisted of lower ranked Falco players. While this gave him a path to winners finals, it was far from guaranteed.

Consider his performance at the Black Empowerment Melee Invitational in February. 2saint defeated top 10 player Jeffrey “Axe” Williamson in winners quarters, setting him up as the favorite to win the tournament from there. Instead, 2saint suffered two losses to Jonathan “TheRealThing” Clinton, a lower ranked Falco player.

However, 2saint reversed this trend at LG Ginger’s Pot O’ Gold: May, winning four consecutive sets against Falco players without dropping a game. He defeated Christopher “Ober” Rodbourne, Joey “Joey Donuts” Farah, Isaac “bobby big ballz” P. and even TheRealThing.

Winners finals brought him a different, and even harder, match-up against Captain Falcon main S2J. The two competitors played out ten games between both winners finals and grand finals. Ultimately, 2saint found several clutch Rests and edgeguards to beat S2J 3-2 in both sets and win the tournament.

Lucky makes a huge losers run to place third at LG Ginger’s Pot O’ Gold: May

The day before LG Ginger’s Pot O’ Gold: May, Joey “Lucky” Aldama entered William “Leffen” Hjelte’s LEVO weekly tournament. He opted to play as his Marth and Captain Falcon secondaries so his hands could handle playing Fox throughout the entirety of Ginger’s tournament.

The LEVO rest day did not initially seem to pay off, as Lucky lost to TheRealThing in the first round of top 64. However, from there, Lucky embarked on a deep losers run that carried him all the way to third place.

Notably, none of Lucky’s opponents in the losers bracket could take more than a game against him until S2J beat him 3-0 in losers finals. Lucky eliminated Daniel “Zamu” Bernstein 3-1, David “Slowking” Fuentes 3-1, Jacob “Jflex” Pinto 3-0, bobby big ballz 3-0 and Adrian “Skerzo” Chavez 3-0.

In losers quarters, Lucky beat the reigning champion John “KoDoRiN” Ko 3-0, winning two games against the Marth main on Final Destination in the process. Finally, Lucky rematched TheRealThing in losers semis. Just like all his other losers bracket sets, Lucky had a dominant showing as he defeated TheRealThing 3-0.

TheRealThing has his best performance since the Black Empowerment Melee Invitational

Despite his breakout online performance at the Black Empowerment Melee Invitational, TheRealThing remained relatively inactive at netplay tournaments. His only major tournament appearance, between then and now, was a modest 33rd place finish at Four Loko Night. However, TheRealThing found himself in top eight of a major tournament yet again at LG Ginger’s Pot O’ Gold: May.

TheRealThing had a smooth road into top eight, even as he fought higher seeded opponents. He secured 3-1 upsets over both Lucky and Matt “Polish” Warshaw. TheRealThing also earned a 3-1 win against Kevin “Bones” Emm, who had just upset Ben “Ben” Strandmark one round prior.

TheRealThing’s final victory of the tournament came in losers quarters; yet another 3-1 win over Anthony “Zealot” J. While he was projected to beat Zealot, Zealot had just come off of upset victories over Sasha “Magi” Sullivan and Steven “FatGoku” Callopy. Thus, it was impressive that TheRealThing avoided an upset loss himself.