This simple fix would make weapon looting much easier in Valorant
Valorant Phantom Vandal weapon weapon looting fix for closed beta from Reddit
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This simple fix would make weapon looting much easier in Valorant

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Currently, the Valorant Closed Beta only has one playable game mode, being the “Defuse” mode. It’s pretty straightforward, in that there’s an attacking and defending team fighting over control for bombsites. The mode is incredibly similar to that of CSGO’s main playlist. However, like in CSGO, when the bomb goes off or the timer runs out, that doesn’t mean the round is over. There are around five seconds of time after the round has expired, and in this time, players can pick up weapons off the ground. Though, at the moment, this is somewhat difficult to do, as it’s hard to discern which weapon is which. That’s why one Reddit user designed a simple solution to make this weapon looting process much smoother.

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Fixing the weapon looting in Valorant

Whenever a player dies in a Valorant match, whatever weapon they had in their hand falls to the ground. So, if you kill an enemy who has a Vandal and you have a Spectre, you can replace your SMG with that Vandal.

In a situation like that, the weapon looting issue isn’t as noticeable. However, the problem becomes unbearable at the end of a round when there are several weapons on the ground in close proximity to each other. Since most of the weapons are black and have very similar models, it can be extremely difficult to find the weapon you’re looking for.

This has become such a problem that one Reddit user came up with a clever idea to fix it.

Thoughts on something like this being an option in the settings for clarity on the weapon drops? from VALORANT

In the design, the name of the weapon on the ground appears over the model. This allows you to glance quickly over the weapons and pick the one you want to equip. Of course, this would most likely be an option Valorant players could turn on or off depending on their preference. It would be an easy fix to a somewhat annoying problem that Riot Games should look into.

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