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Call of Duty: Warzone is still seeing tremendous success with its player count continuing to rise. Though the current COVID-19 outbreak may contribute to this, it’s a fact that the community enjoys the new take on battle royale that Warzone offers. Of course, this doesn’t mean the game isn’t without its issues. We discussed the cheating problem yesterday, which is arguably the biggest issue Warzone faces. Though, there’s another overpowered mechanic — vehicles — that is inducing rage from a wide range of players. Activision has yet to do anything about this, but a fan on Reddit has suggested a great idea for a nerf.

A nerf to vehicles in Warzone

Most would agree that all vehicles, including helicopters, need some kind of nerf. At this time, they’re simply too powerful and there’s not a lot you can do to defend yourself from them. Every vehicle can eliminate you with a simple touch, making finding one essential to success in Warzone.

However, there’s also another reason vehicles are overpowered. When you hop into one as a driver, you’re given a third-person perspective rather than the standard first-person view. This allows you to see far more of what’s going around you.

Because of this, running over players when driving a vehicle is extremely easy. You’re able to see exactly where the enemies are, giving you a free kill, essentially. Well, one fan on Reddit thought Activision should simply make first-person the default view when driving a vehicle.

Petition to make driving all vehicles First Person POV in Warzone (except maybe choppers). Way more immersive and would help balance the current car meta without nerfing car durability.
by inCODWarzone

This is a great idea, as it doesn’t require the developers to make a significant change to Warzone vehicles. It does, however, provide an effective nerf to those players driving around Verdansk running over whoever they can find.

What do you think of this idea? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all Modern WarfareWarzone, and other Call of Duty news.

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