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Call of Duty: Vanguard players are still discovering new elements about multiplayer every day. Whether it’s a bug or a new feature that was hidden until now, it seems like something new arises every week. This time around, players have found that the Counter Spy-Plane in Vanguard has a secret ability that is, essentially, a counter to every other killstreak in Vanguard.

The Counter Spy-Plane is one of the most basic killstreaks in the entire game. Once used, an enemy’s mini-map turns fuzzy for a predetermined amount of time. This killstreak is powerful on its own, as a player’s mini-map is arguably their most important tool when playing Call of Duty. However, it was recently discovered that the Counter Spy-Plane also stops any killstreaks from being called in while it’s active.

Vanguard Counter Spy-Plane has secret ability

Some players might have noticed this hidden ability before. Whenever a Counter Spy-Plane is active, meaning it’s fuzzing up a player’s mini-map, players are unable to call in any aerial killstreak. This includes Glide Bombs and even V2 Rockets, as players on Reddit discovered.

Can’t Use Glide Bomb While Counter UAV is Active
byu/BoominBomber inCODVanguard

It’s unclear whether this is a bug or an intended ability of the Counter Spy-Plane. Either way, it’s extremely powerful, as a team can completely prevent an aerial killstreak from being called in on them if they go on enough four killstreaks. That’s all it takes to earn a Counter Spy-Plane in Vanguard.

While this is annoying for a team to go up against, players in the comments of the above Reddit post offered some solutions. “Shooting it takes like eight bullets or less,” one commenter said. If players manage to find the plane flying in the sky, they can shoot it down and then call in their killstreak.

This ability of the Counter Spy-Plane seems to be a bug, as it’s not a listed feature in the killstreak’s description. However, Sledgehammer Games has not commented on the matter.

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