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Adidas is known for its high performance technology, advanced design, and dedication to sports. The company has recently dove into esports with lots of partnerships. You’ll find organizations like Team Vitality rocking the Adidas logo. Even Ninja was sponsored by the brand at one point. Oh and they did a Modern Warfare activation too. Now, Adidas has created the X9000, the shoe for all gamers. With a power level over 9000 and a “sculpted BOOST midsole,” is this the shoe all gamers need? We grabbed a pair so we could give you all the insight.

Adidas X9000 range

It’s important to note there are a number of shoes in the X9000 range. And we mean a lot. If you check out the Adidas website, you’ll notice there are at least seven different kinds, not to mention all the various colors they come in. There’s the 4D, L4, L3, and L2 versions.  Each model comes in men’s and women’s sizes (except the 4D) with plenty of colors and designs to choose from. We snapped up the X9000L4 women’s shoes in Crystal White with Silver Metallic. Unfortunately I wouldn’t have fit into the large men’s 4D so we can’t give you the low down on those. But the X90004D does come in three really cool colors. Anyways, here’s the women’s X9000L4 for you.

The perfect shoes to lounge around and game in. You’ll look great whether you’re winning or losing.

The X9000 series overall has a few similar design elements. They all come with a soft, squishy sole and classic Adidas side stripes. In terms of shoe themselves, each model varies slightly in shape. The L4 has higher ankle support while the L3 and L2 are shorter and slimmer. Other than that, it’s really up to the final look you want and the colors to complete your style. The Crystal White and pink are bright, light colors or you can go for the darker mysterious colors too. If colors are your thing and you’re not too worried about the exact shape of the shoe, just choose the color you like best. I seriously have fallen in love with the colors on these L4s, and I want to wear them all day long!

Comfort and Style

You’ve got plenty of color options, but what about the comfort? When it comes to shoes, what you really want (after colors of course) is comfort. And these fit the bill. The Adidas X9000’s defining feature is its large squishy sole. It’s super comfy to wear around all day, anywhere. It’s lightweight, and one of the best things is the laces are all for show. Never worry about having to retighten loose shoe laces. Plus, the snug fit means you have no need for laces anyway. With the X9000 you’ll look good no matter what you do. Take to the stage for your next esports tournament, rock up to PAX, or yes actually wear them running. Adidas is first and foremost a sports brand, so these are actually designed as running shoes. But unless you plan on running your enemies off their feet, you’ll mainly be wanting these for looks right?

Even the underside of these shoes are super colorful. The soles are really soft and springy too.

Shoe for gamers?

The only real gamer-yness to these shoes are their style. With colorful highlights and a few pieces of shininess, we can say these are definitely “inspired” by the gamer style. Unfortunately, these don’t come with RGB lights. The “futuristic” design, however, does give these shoes a very gamer appeal. You might spot these beautiful looking shoes on your favorite esports players. Or you can pick them up for yourself.

I’ll definitely be wearing mine to the next gaming event. It means I can game at the booths all day and still be able to walk home!

Available now

If you want the X9000 look, it doesn’t come cheap. Like all top sports brands, you’re paying for the design and technology. The baseline X9000L2 will set you back $150 AUD ($120 USD) while the top of the range X90004D will cost you $360 AUD ($200 USD). But when you think about it, that’s the same cost as a keyboard and mouse kit. So you can either upgrade your PC setup or your foot comfort! Or you can tack them on your Christmas list and hope Santa delivers. Either way, if you end up with a pair of X9000s, we’re sure your feet will thank you. Head over to the website for more info. You can also see the full range and take your picks from colors and sizes.

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