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The Open Beta for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has received some mixed reviews from the community. While some are enjoying the game and its nuisances, others are complaining about some key aspects. One crowd is solely up in arms over the apparent skill-based matchmaking, while others have some issues with several features. However, one of the biggest complaints after one day of the beta concerns the scorestreak system. The revamped system Treyarch designed is a good idea in theory — but there’s one major problem with it.

The Black Ops Cold War scorestreak dilemma

Treyarch decided to have scorestreaks not reset upon death in Black Ops Cold War. When the studio announced this, there were many skeptics, since the previous system has been in place since Modern Warfare 2. However, fans decided to give it a try because, well, they had no other option.

After the Alpha, the consensus was that the system wasn’t as bad as originally thought, but still not as sound as the original. With this in mind, Treyarch made some changes for the Open Beta, and this is where the true problem lies.

In Black Ops Cold War, it takes 1,000 points to earn a simple UAV. This can be done in one or two lives, but more often than not, players will have to get around 8 to 10 kills to earn the streak. However, this makes it so nearly every member of the team receives their streak at the same time.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer scorestreaks
Image via Activision

Problems in the beta

Since it’s not often a player goes on a huge streak, which results in higher scores, team members end up with a similar score. As such, they will receive their streaks at the same time. In the Open Beta, this has resulted in constant spam of UAVs that almost requires you to equip the Ghost perk.

However, the problem doesn’t end with the UAVs. You’ll commonly see teams call in four Artillery Barrages within seconds of each other. Less commonly, you’ll see two to three Attack Helicopters called in by the same team.

This is a real problem with the scorestreak system. One minute there will be no scorestreaks, and then the next, a barrage of them arrive. Treyarch needs to a have long look at the current system and find out a way to even things out in Black Ops Cold War.

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