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The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer beta has come to an end, and now fans are eagerly awaiting an update from developer Infinity Ward to see if they’ll be making any changes for launch on Oct. 28. While fans shouldn’t expect any major changes, smaller feedback could be listened to and implemented into the game. Of course, the developers will also be looking to patch the bugs that plagued players throughout the beta. One bug that many players will be looking forward to getting patched in Modern Warfare 2 revolves around the Chopper Gunner killstreak.

The Chopper Gunner is one of the most popular killstreaks in Call of Duty history. In the past, the streak allowed players to take control of a minigun and rain down gunshots from a moving helicopter in the sky. In MW2, the first part of that sentence was true of the Chopper Gunner. Unfortunately, many players who earned the streak weren’t able to move the helicopter. Once the Chopper Gunner was called in, players would sit stationary in the helicopter despite all of their attempts to move.

While we didn’t know if this was an intended part of the Chopper Gunner during the beta, we now know it was, in fact, a bug. According to @Modern Warzone, creators played a version of Modern Warfare 2 earlier in the summer. During this playtest, the Chopper Gunner moved around the map while allowing players to shoot the minigun.

This is certainly a sigh of relief for players, many of whom were worried their favorite killstreak wouldn’t act as it had in the past. However, other players raised more concerns over the Chopper Gunner, saying that most of the beta maps in Modern Warfare 2 had closed-off buildings that the killstreak couldn’t penetrate. Hopefully, when the full slate of maps is revealed, we see some more open maps that allow the Chopper Gunner to truly unleash its lethality.

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