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Smash fans were treated to quite a surprise at this year’s Game Awards. The most iconic video game villain of all time, Sephiroth, is coming to Super Smash Bro. Ultimate, for no other reason than to haunt Cloud in yet another game. The Final Fantasy VII antagonist came out of left field for most fans, but that did not stop them from putting together an amazing collection of memes and more to celebrate the One-Winged Angel.

Rumors were circulating ever since the announcement that The Game Awards was going to feature a new Smash character. Some speculated that Agent Jonesy from Fortnite was going to appear. Others (like myself) wanted to see Sora from the Kingdom Hearts series get the invitation. Nintendo it seems, had other plans.


Image all the glorious Kirbys now that Sephiroth is in Smash

If there’s one thing Kirby is good at it’s copying abilities. If there’s a second thing Kirby is good at it’s maintaining some of the best hair in gaming. Artists were quick to give the little pink ball Sephiroth’s signature hair and sword, with some amazing results.

Just imagine all the conditioner the two of them will go through with all that hair.

Somehow, one of the most pivotal scenes in gaming doesn’t quite hit the same when Mario is involved.

Others were quick to point out how out of place Sephiroth feels when placed next to some of the cuter fighters in Smash.

Sephiroth will join Cloud, Kirby, and the rest of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate gang later this December. More information on his release is coming on 12/17 when director Masahiro Sakurai talks about the latest DLC fighter. Stay tuned to Daily Esports as we find out more about this legendary villain as he takes on the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighters later this year.